To update your BPU, follow these steps;

  1. Power up the BPU

  2. Login to the management console on your desktop

  3. Navigate to the BPUs tab; then click "Manage" on the BPU you'd like to update

  4. Click the orange "Update" button (if the button is not available you're up to date!)

    Clicking the orange button will start the download process. Allow 45 minutes for the download to complete.

    Once you’ve waited for 45 minutes for the download, we need to power cycle the BPU so the new software can be installed. (similar to your phone rebooting after a new update has been downloaded).

    Note: 45 minutes is a generous amount of time for the download since we have no mechanism to know exactly when the download is complete. If you need an update processed quickly please contact

  5. After 45 minutes: press and hold the reset button for 30 seconds, or until you see the BPU light completely shut off
    Alternatively, remove power and wait 4 minutes for the BPU to shut down. Then power it back up

  6. Wait 90-120 seconds for the system to reboot. When you see a flashing orange light the new update is being installed

  7. When the orange flashing light stops the install in complete!

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