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Alert Zone & Critical Zone Configuration Guide
Alert Zone & Critical Zone Configuration Guide

Critical alert, near miss

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Now that you've installed your sensors, it's time to configure the alert zones.

Alert zones allow you to control when the operator is alerted to a person near the machine, crop out any objects in the sensors field of view, and define a "near miss", also known as a "Critical alert".

Step 1. Map your alert zones on the ground around the machine with cones. Imagine you are drawing lines on that ground that if people step over, an alert is triggered.

Step 2. Login to the management console and open the BPU you wish to configure.

Step 3. Open the Alert Zone 1 tab and drag the orange alert zone points to the cones you have on the ground and click "Save".

Step 4. Click on the "Critical Zone" for the same sensor and drag the blue critical zone points to make a smaller zone that you would consider a "near miss". This is typically 1-2 metres.

Step 5. Turn on the "Enable Critical Zone" toggle and "Save".

Step 6. Repeat the process in the tab "Alert Zones 2".

Here's a video of the process

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