What is a General Purpose Input? (GPI)

Much like your car's seatbelt warning, it doesn't start beeping at you until your vehicle is in motion. This is because the threat of an accident is much lower when your vehicle is stopped.

With the general purpose input, we can achieve much the same result by connecting an appropriate signal to the Blindsight Processing Unit. The input will serve to enable or disable alerts for the operator. This is a very powerful feature that helps ensure the detections Blindsight makes are ones the operator needs to know about. Additionally, the events generated in the timeline will be more meaningful to site health and safety, providing a more accurate representation of daily site operations.

How can I utilise General Purpose Input?

During the initial risk assessment of the vehicle, it will be clear if there is a particular direction or mode the vehicle needs to be in for it to present a danger to others on site.

For example, you're operating a vehicle with poor rear visibility and both Blindsight sensors have been installed to help ensure the vehicle is not reversed into people or vehicles, then Blindsight should only alert you when the vehicle is traveling in reverse. By connecting Blindsight to the reverse signal from the vehicle, you can enable alerts only when the vehicle is in reverse.

Configuration and understanding timeline events

The input configuration is completed via the web console. This includes enabling the feature as well as setting disable requirement. As the input accepts a system voltage input, it is up you to decide if that input enables or disables the alerts.

The General Purpose Input can be found by navigating to the BPU tab >>> then clicking "Manage" on the device you wish to configure. Screenshot below:

See exactly when the vehicle was put in reverse with the "BPU Detections Enabled" & "BPU Detections Disabled" events types. Screenshots below:

For technical implementation, here's a link to our wiring diagram.

Example Use Cases

Bulldozer: Both sensors observing rear danger zone. GPI configured to alert the operator only when vehicle is in reverse.

Excavator: Alerts enabled when hydraulic safety lock/pilot

lock has been disengaged.

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